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      Hello friends! Out & Equal recently created a new resource in response to so many conversations we were having with partners, and particularly themes that were coming up at our Southern States events. And that is: how to harness the power of your story in the workplace. It’s more than just a coming out story – at work, we constantly reveal who we are – from clarifying pronouns, to referencing our spouses, to more strategically personalizing LGBTQ equality to advocate for a policy change. Each of these acts is about telling your truth, sharing your story, and in doing so you have the power to change lives and transform organizational culture.

      The guide is a tool for LGBTQ people and allies looking to strengthen their understanding of how to share their stories in the workplace and land in a place of empowerment and growth as individuals and within the organization.

      What do you think? Have you ever been in one of these situations? How did you navigate the way you shared your narrative at work and what was the outcome? Any tips for others?

      Check out the guide here.

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