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Workplace Summit

October 6-8, 2021

The annual Out & Equal Workplace Summit is the largest LGBTQ conference in the world, with more than 5,000 attendees every year. It brings together executives, ERG leaders and members, and HR and DEI professionals and experts – all working for LGBTQ equality.

Southern States Forum: Pride & Resilience

Friday, June 4, 10:00am-12:30pm EST

In its third year as the premier LGBTQ workplace inclusion conference in the US South, the 2021 Out & Equal Southern Forum will bring together hundreds of LGBTQ and ally professionals from mid to large-sized businesses in the Southern region.

Global Forum: Pride & Resilience

Thursday, June 17, at 9:00 BRT/17:30 IST/20:00 CST

Join Out & Equal for the Global Forum: Pride and Resilience – a shared forum for leaders from Brazil, India, China, and all over the world.

Latest Resources

Bringing Your Whole Self to Work: Unpacking Covering and Intersectionality in the Workplace

“Bringing your Whole Self to Work: Unpacking Covering & Intersectionality in the Workplace” is a part of the Intersectional Learning Series, part of Out & Equal’s larger Practitioners for Change program that’s powered by Capital One. “Bring your whole self to work” is a phrase you’ve likely heard time and again in DEI spaces. But what does it really mean in practice? Join Out & Equal’s Senior Director of Learning and Development, Isabel Porras, to learn how to turn this vague call to action into a real, tangible practice. The secret? It starts with learning more about our identities, and the ways they interact

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Practitioner Well-Being Series: Strengthening Emotional Intelligence

On May 5th, Out and Equal continued our Practitioner Well-being Series led by Zander Keig, LCSW. This session covered the fundamental concepts of emotional intelligence, including self-management, self-awareness, social awareness, and relationship management. Zander emphasized how honing your emotional intelligence skills can improve your work performance and overall quality of life. Participants were invited to share what challenges they have faced when responding to a difficult work situations and what goals they have for strengthening their emotional responses. Zander provided guidance on regulating emotions, communicating with employees, and better understanding where we can improve to create better workplaces for everyone.

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Building Allyship, Building Action: Strengthening Nonbinary Workplace Inclusion

“Building Allyship, Building Action: Best Practices for Nonbinary Workplace Inclusion” is a part of the Intersectional Learning Series, part of Out & Equal’s larger Practitioners for Change program that’s powered by Capital One. Join Out & Equal’s subject matter experts for an in-depth conversation about nonbinary identity and the allyship actions that you can take to generate real, impactful change at your organization. Moderated by our CEO Erin Uritus, Building Allyship, Building Action is a conversation between Out & Equal’s own nonbinary subject matter experts: CV Viverito (They/Them), Deputy Director of Global Programs & Stakeholder Engagement; Rebecca York (They/Them), Manager of Learning

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