The Out & Equal Global Hub is a “one-stop-shop” virtual education and engagement center for executives, D&I and HR practitioners, and ERG leaders working for LGBTQ workplace inclusion. By connecting change agents working inside their companies and organizations for LGBTQ equality, The Global Hub serves as a revolutionary resource helping companies learn from each other and more efficiently achieve effective D&I ROI.

With over 800 users from 200+ companies, the Global Hub has rapidly grown since its launch in 2020. Since then, we have been constantly thinking about ways to improve the user and administrative experience for our partners. Over the past year, we have been working to create a sustainable, expandable, maintainable solution that can serve Out & Equal for many years to come, while offering virtually unlimited options for enhancement, integration, improvement, and refinement.

The Global Hub received significant improvements that will enhance the user experience of all members.



With over 500 resources on LGBTQ workplace inclusion, including workshops from the 2021 Out & Equal Workplace Summit, the refined Resource Library now has new searching, sorting and filtering features that allows Hub users to search within PDF files and filter their searches by industry, file type, and company. Users will be able to:

  • Showcase their company’s LGBTQ resources by uploading them into the library
  • Download the latest best practices, research, and tools in LGBTQ workplace equality
  • Ask questions, comment on and “endorse” resources
  • Navigate hundreds of the world’s best tools and resources in LGBTQ workplace equality



A forum where users connect with others in creating solutions to their most pressing LGBTQ workplace issues, will now have capabilities for users to share resources directly from the resource library and to privately connect with each other as needed. Users are able to:

  • Share exciting work and expertise with others in the field through message board posts, threads, and Q&As
  • Collectively brainstorm and strategize on innovative ways to enhance the world of LGBTQ workplace inclusion
  • Engage in specific spaces to discuss advice on the implementation of best practices, including how to tailor resources and programs in specific geographic areas, for different industries, and in different cultural contexts and languages



With over 290 ERG chapters registered representing over 170 companies and organizations,  the ERG Registry allows users can connect with other LGBTQ ERGs around the world. Improvements to the registry will allow users to search by country and U.S. state, company, and industry. The new search function will return a grid of ERG chapters with their logo, company name, chapter name, and other information.



The Hub Calendar features important information about Out & Equal events, organizations’ Pride celebration information, and companies’ LGBTQ events open to others in their local area or online. Users now have the possibility to host exclusive events posted to the calendar directly on the Hub.



  • Users and their companies have robust user profiles and direct messaging capabilities so they can learn more and connect with others directly in the site
  • The Global Hub is fully GDPR compliant, meaning users from the European Union and the United Kingdom are able to access the website  
  • The Global Hub uses the WP Accessibility Helper, allowing users to customize their accessibility experience on the site 


The Global Hub would not be possible without support from J.P. Morgan and the Force for Good Team, Dell Technologies and our partners at Logical Alternative.

The Global Hub is available exclusively to Out & Equal member companies. For more information about how your company can be part of the Hub, please contact: globalhubsupport@outandequal.org.


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