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      Implementing workplace practices that are inclusive of the non-binary and gender non-conforming community (non-binary/GNC) is critical to ensure a company’s sustainability in the future. As younger generations identify as non-binary/GNC at higher rates than previous generations and demonstrate a higher level of familiarity with gender neutral language, many businesses have taken steps to ensure that the workplace environment is set to include individuals of all genders.

      In fact, now more than ever, more businesses have begun the important journey of implementing non-binary/GNC inclusion for both non-binary/GNC employees and patrons. Out & Equal gets near constant requests from companies looking for specific examples of ways in which companies have done a great job at demonstrating non-binary inclusivity. 

      Showcase what your company is doing to support the non-binary/GNC community in the workplace (or beyond!) by sharing some specific examples here! 


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