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      What are the three membership roles within The Global Hub?
      There are three different membership roles in The Global Hub.

      • ParticipantsMost users in The Global Hub are participants. They are “general users” and may utilize the features across the site, including, but not limited to: accessing and downloading resources, posting comments, starting conversations in the Community Message Board, sharing events in the Calendar, and registering ERG chapters in the ERG Registry.   
      • Hub ContributorsParticipants and contributors have the same abilities, aside from one key difference: contributors may upload and edit resources. This ensures that you can assign particular trusted users to upload content on behalf of your company.  
      • Company AdministratorsCompany Administrators have the same abilities as contributors and participants, but have added permissions to onboard, manage, and remove users within your company, as well as edit/delete resources posted by contributors.  
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