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      Gin Nugent
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      • Out & Equal

      Submissions that include multiple companies are highly encouraged. Every company is different, so giving attendees a window into a variety of solutions can provide the richest learning. Use this message board to find and connect with other Out & Equal partners.

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      Jessica Rich
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      • Dow

      Hello. I represent Dow. Our ERG is called GLAD. We are looking for collaborator(s) on the topic of Support Groups for Parents of LGBTQ+ children at work. Since starting in 2020, our US parent support group has grown 62% and has been welcoming space to provide much needed support to parents. We would love to collaborate with other companies who have also started one and possibly do a panel.

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        Shay Flaherty
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        • Boeing

        Hello Jessica. Here at Boeing we have an ERG chapter called Boeing Employees with Transgender Family Members (BETFaM) which consists of individuals with Transgender family members (including children but may also be other close family members). I have reached out to the admins of this group and they believe it would be a great topic. If you are interested in having them please contact me at [email protected] and I can facilitate an introduction.

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      Gabe Rodarte-Miller
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      • Dell Technologies

      Hello I am Gabe from Dell Technologies. Looking to collaborate with other individuals from your companies who do Drag. We are working on brining back the Drag Panel to O&E. We had a wonderful session in person last year and previous two years virtually. If anyone at yoru company is interested in participating please let me know. you can reach out to me at [email protected].

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      • Dow

      Hi! Erica from Dow! Myself, and others from Dow, would love to see a panel focused on LGBTQ+ FAMILIES! We can share our own journeys to parenthood, share best practices – including benefit guides and improvements for fertility. This is a journey that can be lonely, and we feel many at summit can benefit from these discussions (from planning your own family, improving policies, and even navigating the day to day of being LGBTQ+ parents). Please reach out ([email protected]) if others have similar proposals that you would like to combine!

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      • Constellation Energy

      Hi, all. I’m putting together a proposal focused on the impact of mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures on ERGs and LGBTQ+ policies. The planned format will be a panel of companies that have gone through each of these types of events, followed by facilitated breakout sessions where we will lead groups through exercises to create strategies to successfully navigate such transformations.

      O&E has a four speaker limit, including the moderator. We have a large energy company (for divestiture) and a multinational pharma company (for merger, but could do acquisition) on our lineup. We have another energy company who could talk about divestiture or merger, but diversity of industry, geography, and size are desirable. I’m here to see if there’s anyone from a non-energy (preferably smaller) company interested in telling a story about going through an acquisition, ideally from an ERG leader perspective.

      I’d also welcome those who are open to contributing without being on the panel (darn limits), either through sharing ideas/tips/best practices to add to our content or maybe recording short videos we could use in the breakout activities. We’re still brainstorming how to make the workshop as engaging and informative as possible.

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      Deanna Santangelo
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      • MassMutual

      Hello All! MassMutual is looking for collaborators on the following sessions:

      – Celebrating Pride all year long: how your ERG/BRG keeps a focus on pride all year, and not just in the month of June. This will include how you plan, execute and measure success. MassMutual will be sharing our project plan, playbook on managing programming and examples of ways we engaged our BRG ( educational flyers, panel structures, personal storytelling).

      – Business Planning for your BRG: Using employee surveys to better understand the needs of your BRG, vision setting, establishing committees and putting systems of accountability in place. MassMutual will be sharing our business planning template that we use to plan our BRG’s strategy and mission every year.

      Please reach out if your company is interested in collaborating on these events! You can reach me at [email protected].

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      • Wells Fargo

      Howdy All!

      Looking for speakers to round out your panel? Wells Fargo may be able to help!

      We have attendees who are interested in being panelist. Our employees have knowledge and expertise in a wide range of topics.

      If you are need of an additional panelist, please reach out to [email protected]

      Thank you all!

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