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      Kristina Kishbaugh
      • Guardian Life Insurance Company

      There is frequent discussion on Medical coverage, but would love to know from others what other types of benefits or policies your company has updated for inclusion. Below are a few examples beyond medical. What additional policies has your company updated?

      Short-term Disability – many insurance companies have gender transition care listed as cosmetic. So, if your medical covers it, your short-term may not.

      Parental Leave – naming inclusive for all instead of maternity. Creating inclusion for all parents (not just one parent) and for family formation through birth, adoption, foster care, surrogacy, legal guardianship, etc.

      Bereavement Leave – Updating for “loved one” and let colleagues define immediate and non-immediate family members. In addition, ensure there is language for loss of pregnancy planned or unplanned, including surrogacy. This helps create inclusion for all colleagues during a time when they need to step away to heal.

      Dress codes/uniforms – gender inclusive

      Dependent Documentation for access to benefits – When colleagues are applying for benefits there should be instructions on how to verify dependents if parent(s) are not listed on birth certificate. Also, if colleagues transition after a dependent’s birth certificate is issued or marriage certificate is issued, the name may not match. Need to ensure there is language that if a legal name change occurred to submit supporting documentation.

      Trans and Nonbinary medical coverage for dependents under 18

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      Jason Hoar
      • Merck

      Currently looking at policies and resources related to LGBTQ+ employee travel. For example, LGBTQ+ TRAVEL GUIDANCE & RESOURCES

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        Catherine Sheehy
        • UL LLC

        Thank you, Jason. This is helpful. I’d be keen on seeing any other travel guidance businesses have created!

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      Catherine Sheehy
      • UL LLC

      Hi. Thanks for including this. I appreciate this topic, and specifically would love to hear from any organizations that have been able to advocate for inclusive medical coverage for certain surgeries considered non medically necessary by most programs. I need to develop some talking points to help our HR/benefits people understand this and am eager to learn from anyone who has experience and examples of documents shared to make the case for this. Thanks!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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