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      Melissa Dickinson
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      Jessica Rich
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      Company: Dow
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      October 7, 2021

      Today I joined the Summit Workshop: Lessons from an Anti-Racism Book Club shared by Boeing. In the chat it seems many other companies are also doing book clubs or are very much interested in starting one. I thought the hub could be a great place to leverage best practices, book suggestions, collaboration, whether or not all or other ERGs/BRGs are involved, resources and so much more. We can all learn from each other to improve and for others to start their own.

      At Dow our Collegeville, PA site started the ERG Media Club. It is mainly participants from our site however we have invited colleagues at other sites to participate. Our current book is Inclusify by Dr. Stefanie Johnson. We are a team representing multiple ERGs and have mainly focused on how to be better allies to all groups. The author also provided a great discussion guide that we converted into a powerpoint to help guide discussions including visual aids. We do all of the planning, gathering resources, coming up with discussion questions ahead of launching each book. We were fortunate that each of the ERGs participating shared their budget so we could provide a free book to all of our participants. We have about 40 people participating.

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      Corina Hendren
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      Glad that you enjoyed that session!

      For others interested in viewing the session Jessica mentioned, you can do so here.

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