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Mergener Mendes
  • Mattos Filho

I am currently the only non binary employee on Mattos Filho Advogados, one of Brazil’s largest law firms. We still don’t have inside policies specifically oriented towards the use of pronouns, but I am slowly trying to bring up the issue from within our LGBTQIAP + committee. My idea is to try to implement the showing of pronouns on emails signatures and some kind of internal trainement to show employees how to use gender neutral language, even if not necesarily by using the ile / dile pronouns.


As to resources, I would like to appoint a material that was desenvolved by Gioni Caê, a non binary university student from Foz do Iguaçu/Paraná that studies the portuguese language and gathered really useful examples to show how gender neutral language can be incorporated into portuguese. The material is attatched to my comment. I hope it is useful to whoever sees this post. 🙂

Manual para o uso da linguagem neutra em Língua Portuguesa

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