I’m the administrator for my company/organization. What are my first steps? 

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      I am the Global Hub administrator for my company/ organization. What are my first steps?

      1. Sign up for The Global Hub using the email invitation provided by Out & Equal. Can’t find your invitation? Email globalhubsupport@outandequal.org.
      2. Onboard 12 additional users—10 participant users and 2 Hub contributors.

        Your partnership with Out & Equal includes a set of licenses to access The Global Hub. Company Administrators should work internally to determine which 12 individuals from your company should receive licenses to access the site. Once you have selected your users, you can onboard them through the following process:

        Under the Admin menu, click Onboard Team Members.
        Enter the email addresses of the 12 team members, one per line.
        Customize the invitation however you wish, and click SEND INVITES.

        Finally, to activate the upload permissions for Hub contributors, please provide their email addresses to us at support@globalhub-outandequal.org.

      3. Begin your initial engagements in the Hub.

        Upload resources into the Resource library. 
        Share events or explore existing events in the Global Hub calendar. 
        Start and/or reply to a thread in the Community Message Board. 
        Register your ERG Chapters in the ERG Registry.

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