Out & Equal’s Nonbinary Community Engagement Group Roundtable

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Out & Equal’s Nonbinary Community Engagement Group Roundtable

July 12 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am PDT

Welcome to Out & Equal’s second Nonbinary Community Engagement Group Roundtable of 2024. CEGs offer year-round opportunities for intersectional identity groups to build shared awareness around common challenges and strategies and inspire each other through individual stories.

The Nonbinary CEG will be hosted by Chris Mossiah (they/them) from JP Morgan & Chase.

From misgendering and microaggressions to workplace policies and practices based on a gender binary, the workplace can be a challenging place for nonbinary individuals.

It’s why safe spaces, like Out & Equal’s LGBTQ+ Nonbinary CEG, where individuals of like-identities can connect, share stories, and open up about their unique challenges and experiences are critically important.

Through these vital support networks, which are centered on community and open dialogue, individuals can feel seen and validated. They can tap into and build the strength that lies within to show up authentically at work, advocate for themselves and others, and thrive.


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