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About this ERG

PSA (Public Service Announcement) was founded in June 2021 by Nathaniel Perkins and Clara Lu, two designers on the Brand Studio team at Arizent who have a passion for all things queer. Seeing a lack of queer-focused programming and content from the company, Nathaniel and Clara decided to initiate the creation of ERGs at Arizent. Leading up to Pride 2021, Nathaniel and Clara worked on a Pride-focused campaign celebrating Arizent’s employees and their work: The launch of this campaign also marked the start of PSA, Arizent’s first ERG, kickstarting Arizent’s larger commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Company Name: Arizent
ERG's Scope of Network: Regional
Year Founded (if Known): 2021
Is your ERG chapter a branch of a national or global ERG?: No
Contact Information
1 State Street Plaza, New York, NY, USA, FL 27 10004
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