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About this ERG

​Founded in late 2010, IDB GLOBE borne out of the desire of a group of IDB employees to fill a void in the institution’s social organization. Although a significant number of LGBT professionals are act​ive within and form an integral part of the Bank, there was no institutional voice solely focused on raising the visibility of the LGBT community and the unique set of challenges ​and opportunit​ies experiences. Like​wise, despite the Bank​’s generous policies (domestic partnership and social benefits) towards its LGBT employees, these policies were largely unknown Finally, many LGBT professionals were​ unsure where to turn for informati​on regarding their rights and benefits. ​​​ With this in mind, the IDB Globe has the foll​owing main purposes: To advance within the IDB Group the fundamental principle of non-discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gen​der identification. To promote better integration of LGBT employees into the IDB Group community and​ to stimulate understanding and acceptance of LGBT individuals. To raise and enhance awareness in the IDB Group, first, that sexual orientation and gender identification are innate to each individual, but that these elements are not the sole components of LGBT individuals’ pers​onal and professional conduct; and, second, of ​the unique challenges and circumstances surrounding LGBT professionals in the Americas. To serve as the focal point for LGBT individuals in the IDB Group regarding their rights and benefits within the Bank.

Company Name: Inter-American Development Bank
ERG's Scope of Network: Global
Is your ERG chapter a branch of a national or global ERG?: No
Contact Information
1300 New York Ave NW, Washington D.C., District of Columbia, United States 20577-0001
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