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About this ERG

Turning awareness into action by creating a culture that is genuinely, authentically inclusive and building a truly diverse workforce. Making Kantar a beacon to the LGBT+ community, giving it a home that empowers and inspires every employee to celebrate their individuality, embrace their unique qualities and flourish at work. A community that understands people and inspires growth. Our ERGs are a crucial vehicle to achieve our I&D vision.

Our Global Pride @ Kantar ERG Principles:

  1. Create a safe space and a sense of community for those with shared and/or similar lived experiences from across the LGBTQIA+ community, including allies.
  2. Explore the diversity within our ERG (e.g. different religions, different ethnicities, different sexual orientations).
  3. Commemorate key dates in our LGBTQIA+ calendar (e.g. Pride Month, Transgender Awareness Week, World AIDS day).
  4. Extend the community to allies, and provide a space for learning and growth for all – from new recruits to seasoned executives.
  5. Analyse available data to inform our Pride ERG’s strategy and measure its impact over time
  6. Provide expertise (internally and/or externally) around our ERG’s challenges and lived experiences to create change.
  7. Drive policy and process changes across markets, divisions, regions and at a global level.
  8. Engage with Kantar’s external community (charities, suppliers, clients, research and thought leadership).
Company Name: Kantar
ERG's Scope of Network: Global
Is your ERG chapter a branch of a national or global ERG?: Yes
Contact Information
Southbank Central, 30 Stamford Street, London, UK, United Kingdom
Primary Email:
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