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      Shireen Datta
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      • Aurora Flight Sciences

      Please reach out to Shireen (shireen.datta@boeing.com) if you are interested in speaking at the event described below.

      Boeing is putting together a workshop/panel event for O&E 2023, titled “Queer Authenticity at Work: An Exploration of Mental Wellbeing and Workforce Empowerment”.
      The outcome of this event would be a workshop that attendees can implement in their own organizations, using the downloadable worksheet and instructions we provide.

      We plan to “demonstrate” the workshop by presenting a set of introspective questions to the panel of speakers and involving the audience in answering them. The questions are designed to encourage attendees to reflect on how their workplace environment approaches mental wellbeing at individual and organizational levels.

      Short abstract:
      How do we bring our most authentic selves to work? How do we balance our personal career growth with advocating for better diversity, equality, inclusion and belonging across entire organizations? Mental health and wellbeing are often crucial, albeit frequently overlooked, parts of the answers to such questions.

      In this workshop, we want to encourage and enable you to explore how your workplace prioritizes your mental wellbeing, and in turn how that affects your self-perception and contributions towards the work/causes you are passionate about. Our discussion prompts aim to inspire reflection on the workplace environment where you spend several hours every day. How does your environment make you feel equal as a minority – not only in terms of pay or opportunities – but in terms of emotional labor, setting boundaries without judgement, and psychological safety?

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      • Northrop Grumman

      Hey Shireen, this means a lot to me. I have a few of my own proposals this year and am already working with Boeing, but if you have room I would love to be on your team.

      Please email me at hayley.critchfield@ngc.com if you are interested.

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