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      Irina Goldberg
      • U.S. Cellular

      Does anyone have any resources they can provide that can be shared with an employee that is about to begin the transition process, for how to manage the transition in the workplace?

      – We have a toolkit that summarizes steps and resources for the employee, HR, manager, and team at a highlevel

      – We have a high level introduction to LGBTQ+ webinar to provide to managers/teams/HR

      – We recommend utilizing the employee assistance program (EAP) resources as one tool for the employee

      Are there any other helpful tools, resources, guidance, websites that we can share with the employee to help in the process?

      Thanks in advance for your support and insight!

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      Out and Equal Administrator
      • Anything Respectful
      • Out & Equal

      Hi Irina,
      Thanks for asking this question. There are a few useful resources within the Resource Library that may be helpful! 

      Supporting the Journey: Gender Transition in the Global Workplace

      A great resource from IBM uploaded by Kimberly

      Click here to access.
      Best Buy’s Workplace Transition and Gender Identity Toolkit

      Click to access their toolkit template.
      Click to watch their workshop.

      TDOR & Transition in Progress – A Case Study with EY & Microsoft

      Click here to watch.

      We encourage others to chime in with your thoughts and responses to Irina’s questions! 

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      Irene Brank
      • MassMutual

      Hi Irina:

      Looks like you have a great start. In my company, we approach an employee’s transition as a team. The manager, D&I, HR, and our Gender Transition Partner.  We work with the employee around name changes, systems, etc. In addition, we pull all “need to know” people into a training session prior to the employee first presenting in the Workplace. In my personal opinion, it’s about preparing others for being good humans to a person transition. Typically the transitioning employee would be out of the office for a couple of days while training is taking place. I’m happy to talk more if you’d like. 


      Irene Brank


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      Evelyn Dickinson
      • she/her
      • Logical Alternative

      original posted by:
      Kelly Thompson
      August 18, 2021

      Thanks for asking this question. We are also looking to strengthen our ability to support transitioning employees and these are great resources. We have official guidelines in place, but the ideas of in-person training and toolkits appear to be necessary and not something we have in hand yet.

      I’m specifically interested in the in-person training. Who do you look to for that? Do you have your D&I Staff do that, or do you outsource it to experts you have found in your area? We are a a mid-size firm, so I’m not sure we’d be resourced to do this training ourselves, but if we could have ‘train the trainer’ sessions, perhaps that could change. Or if having experts in this field perform this training is best, I can see going that route, too.


      Kelly Thompson

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