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      Corina Hendren
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      • Out & Equal

      This year, Out & Equal chatted with some of our closest partners from around the world to gather their Pride perspectives.

      You can check them out throughout the month on Out & Equal’s social media channels.

      We would also love to hear from you!

      What are you most proud of this Pride season?

      What was your most memorable Pride experience?

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      • Out and Equal

      This pride season I am most proud of the ways in which we center rest and community care. I have learned an incredible amount from trans advocates on how to care for myself and others and celebrate that during pride and through the rest of the year.

      My most memorable pride moment was getting to be in the Washington DC Parade as a youth advocate. It was incredible seeing the amount of people who were celebrating all that our community has accomplished. I will never forget the feeling of joy and belonging I had participating in that parade.

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      Gabriel de la Cruz Soler
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      • Out & Equal

      Despite many daunting setbacks, I am proud that we remain a strong and resilient community. I am proud of how we all are taking care of LGBTQI+ youth; I am proud of how we are working together on making our workplaces more inclusive for trans and non-binary folks. When I moved to the USA with my partner, I was worried about my new experience as a gay Latin immigrant living in Texas. How could I fit in here? I found the answer after I started working in Out & Equal. How my team made me feel more confident and belonging made me reconnect with my purpose and goals. For that reason, being part of this organization is also one of the proudest things of this Pride season for me.

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      Sherry McDonald
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      My most memorable pride experience was my very first pride in NYC at the age of 16!!! Ohmygoodness!!!!!!!!! I had just been kicked out of my house by my father for being lesbian. It was the first time I had seen other same sex couples kiss and hug. I felt like I walked into a magical world of belongingness. I felt proud to be who I was in the midst of that empowerment.I will never forgot that moment of acceptance and being able to hold my girlfriend’s hand walking down the street for the very first time.

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      CV Viverito
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      • Out & Equal

      One thing that I am proud of this Pride season is the way that we have all grown and learned to take care of each other as a community. The importance of mental and emotional wellbeing has risen to the surface over the past several years as something that needs to be integrated and addressed across the work that we do. My friends and I check in on each other and offer support regularly, especially when we witness attacks on our community.

      My most memorable Pride experience was probably my first Pride – 2010 NYC Pride. Before that, I had not the faintest idea that our community was so large and so loving. It opened a whole new door for me to become more comfortable in who I am, knowing that I was side-by-side with so many other amazing LGBTQI+ folks. 😊

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