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Jeiz Robles
  • she/her
  • IBM

Hi @Kaleb Hall, to share my experiences from IBM. We have our pronouns incorporated into our directory as well as our HR System. The employee has the option to update it as preferred. We are also encouraged to add them to our signatures if we prefer. For events that some of us facilitate we encourage the introduction of pronouns when the speakers are introduced especially when the events are related to D&I. In terms of the result per se, I would say that being open about ones’ pronouns signifies allyship to and within the LGBT+ community and one can feel more open to those who visibly signify their pronouns – especially when they are managers for example. There have also been instances in my personal experience that I was asked for my pronoun in personal conversations which can directly impact employee engagement as it being associated to being yourself and being able to choose pronouns that one identifies with.

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