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About this ERG

Baltimore Pride is committed to our mission of diversity, equity, inclusivity, and visibility. We support our colleagues and friends by building strong network connections, providing safe spaces to speak on issues relevant to our community, and empowering our company culture by ensuring all voices are welcome and heard at any table. We strive to empower our colleagues and communities through professional enrichment and social awareness. Together we are determined to achieve not only our mission, but Exelon’s mission of ‘Performance Excellence’.

OUR MISSION: Providing safe, equitable spaces for those of all orientations and genders.
We offer a forum where employees feel encouraged and empowered to be proudly out at work, and can share strategies for building professional relationships.
OUR VISION: Supporting diversity across our company and throughout our community.
We embrace and promote diversity beyond Exelon, by actively, visibly and proudly collaborating with other ERGs and LGBTQ+ focused community organizations.
OUR VALUES: Empowering others by being consistent, focused, and willing to listen.
We encourage diversity in thought and method by emboldening voices to speak up and speak out to bring one’s full self to work.
OUR PROMISE: We will support our colleagues, be constructive with our words, be accountable for our actions and words, be involved, listen to others, and act with positive intent. We will develop relationships, both personal and professional, to support a collaborative, equitable, and positive relationship with our colleagues. We will respect our colleagues by being fair, just, and inclusive, harnessing our differences that make us a community.


Company Name: Exelon
ERG's Scope of Network: Regional
Is your ERG chapter a branch of a national or global ERG?: Yes
Contact Information
110 W Fayette St, Baltimore, MD, Maryland, United States 21201
Phone: 2675331297
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