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Found 3 ERGs

BLEND – Bayer (Idaho)

BLEND contributes to a better LIFE for LGBTQ+ and ally employees as a strategic partner for Bayer. Our vision is for Bayer to be a globally visible role model for equality and encourages individuals to be/express themselves.

Company Name: Bayer
ERG's Scope of Network: Local
Is your ERG chapter a branch of a national or global ERG?: Yes
21120 U.S. 30, Filer, Idaho, US 83328
Primary Email:

Micron PRIDE+Allies

PRIDE+Allies is an Employee Resource Group where LGBTQ+ team members (and their allies) can thrive as their authentic selves in the workplace and community. Our Values P – People – We know team members are the heart of Micron’s core values R – Respect – We believe Individuality is strength and all voices should be heard. I – Inclusiveness – We commit ourselves to include all members of our diverse community. D – Diversity – We accept team members and celebrate their differences. E – Equality – We provide a workplace where all team members are treated with fairness and dignity. + Plus – We welcome all Allies in supporting PRIDE+. Mission Micron PRIDE+Allies strives to promote an environment that fosters and promotes productivity and creativity of all its employees. Our goal is to increase awareness of cultural differences within our own community and the Micron community at large. We seek to create a welcoming environment to help employees feel supported, and have a “home base” to help foster trust and inclusiveness on the Micron campus.

Company Name: Micron
ERG's Scope of Network: National
Is your ERG chapter a branch of a national or global ERG?: No
Boise, Idaho, US 83714
Primary Email:

Sodexo PRIDE (Northwest Chapter)

<>Alaska, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Washington, Wyoming <>The mission of People Respecting Individuality, Diversity and Equality (PRIDE) is to champion an environment of acceptance and workplace equality for all gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and ally team members through employee engagement, community involvement, education and awareness. <> Improving quality of life isn’t just a dream. For Sodexo it’s a mission. We believe quality of life helps to keep people healthy, happy & motivated throughout life. We believe it helps organizations to be more efficient and productive. And as the world leader of over 100 services, we believe that quality of life is created when we integrate our Food services, Facilities management, employee benefits and more… But we go even further. Doing good business in a good way is our driver and at the heart of our mission. And our ambition is to positively impact one billion consumers worldwide.

Company Name: Sodexo
ERG's Scope of Network: Regional
Is your ERG chapter a branch of a national or global ERG?: Yes
Idaho, US
Primary Email:
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